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Who are we?

A know-how and a more perfect knowledge of 35 years of all heating systems.
We are wholesalers heating environment where our perfect knowledge of French of the distribution of heating products market.

Precursor, since 1993 we resolutely turned towards renewable energy.
10 years ago we decided to devote most of our activity in the wood and wood pellet heating, and to use our perfect knowledge of the market to make our contribution to the development of renewable energy in France.

Most of the products are manufactured in Eastern Europe where our idea of the industrial relationship wishing to expand their business abroad with different networks of distribution in France.

The use of the distribution system is the best solution to develop a business in France quickly and calmly.

Wood pellet heating

Wood energy in France?

The France is the first European owner of wood energy, mainly through domestic heating that represents an annual consumption of 7.4 Mtoe (million tonnes oil equivalent).
In 2012, more than 7 million households were equipped with a Woodburning appliance.
The average age of the Park is 15 years.
The wood consumed in extra alongside another source of energy, is 90% of French domestic consumption.
The market of heating with wood and pellets in France is currently (2014) in full development.

Wood energy is the primary source of renewable energy in France:
It represents approximately 92% of our energy from solid biomass production;
72% of our production of energy from biomass (all sources of biomass);
80% of our production of renewable heat, 45% of all of our renewable energy production

Sales networks

Our know-how

Calorimax is a research and Development Office specialised in boilers, stoves boilers using as fuel. logs of wood, logs Densified wood pellet or pellets, the pads of wood and other waste such as sawdust, the hulls of nuts, hazelnuts, olive etc stones...
Calorimax is also interested in all types of hydraulic connection modules ready to be laid to connect the boiler to the existing installation or create;(radiateurs ou plancher chauffant basse température ou mixte avec ou sans production d'eau chaude sanitaire (E.C.S).)
In addition our interest also goes on with balloons pads, pads with ECS balloons, balloons ECS, and thermodynamic balloons.
But also flexible customized to connect between and heat generators for the purpose of facilitating the work of the installers.
To complete our offer we are not insensitive to the Interior with pneumatic transfer system storage silos and automatic with wood pellets.


Our concept

Our office specializes in the research and development of sales of boilers, fireplace insert, stoves or other appliances as fuel bu wood, wood pellets or all types of waste wood, France
Our mission is to bring together specialized manufacturers in the production of all these types of devices, with sales networks implanted mainly in France, which have heating for specialty.
Our perfect knowledge of all distribution networks allows industrialists and manufacturers to use our services according to the needs of each and other.

Our concept