Our Concept

Office of research and development

Nur office is specialized in the research and development of sales of boiler, fireplace insert, stoves or other appliances as fuel bu wood, wood pellets or all types of waste wood.
Our mission is to bring together manufacturers specialized in the manufacture of these types of devices, with sales networks located mainly in France, that have for specialty heating.
Our perfect knowledge of all distribution networks allows industrialists and manufacturers to use our services according to the needs of each and other.


Industrial partners

In the selection of the manufacturers we have specific requirements:
  • Quality of products
  • Products certified and complies with European date.
  • Warranty of 5 years (3 + 2) unless the equipment electronics and so-called wear parts
  • Innovative criteria of products manufactured
  • Guarantee the manufacturing lead times
  • The times guarantee delivery or provision


Establishment of a partnership agreement

Our mission includes:

  • the implementation of a specification
  • the finalisation of all documents in French
  • the negotiation of prices, and the establishment of a partnership without exclusivity contract.
  • Our services are remunerated by the establishment of a commission based on a percentage of the turnover achieved and defined by common agreement by the partners.


Training and after-sales service

Customer service is very important for the image of the maker's mark.
For this reason, we are sending officials of this service for a complete training from the manufacturer. This training must also allow them to train their installers clients in France.
This type of training prepares with the manufacturer and our training managers.